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How do I make photographic negatives?

Last Updated: Jul 23, 2013 11:24AM PDT
Photographic negatives for use with Inkodye can be made in a variety of ways. The easiest way is to use our iPhone app and have negatives printed for you and shipped directly to your doorstep!

Our step-by-step guides about creating negatives also show how to convert your images to a negative and print them yourself using an inkjet printer and Inkofilm.

Convert your images:

Print your image on an inkjet printer:

If you have the laser-printable Inkofilm (discontinued) or would like to use another laser-printable transparency, you can still find our guide for printing here:

If you are interested in using celluloid negatives with the Lumi process, be sure to protect them by placing a clear film between the dye and the negative. Most celluloid negatives do not have the black density required to make high contrast prints, but some shops will develop your film with "push processing" (denser blacks) if you request it.

One more option to consider are local screen-printing shops. They are typically equipped to make "film positives" in a wide range of sizes, and can print film negatives if you request them. Just make sure they do not half-tone the image!

There is also an excellent resource for learning about printing large-format negatives, a book called "Digital Negatives" and the corresponding website >>

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